Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

PublisherFuture Technology Press
Vol. 9Sustainability in Energy, Buildings, Design and Manufacturing Short Papers
Article Title Carbon Neutral Buildings in Canada - A Holistic Case Study
Primary AuthorMr Trevor Butler, Athabasca University, AB, Canada
Other Author(s)Dr Douglas Macleod, Dr Henry Tsang, Ms Veronica Madonna
Pages39 - 44
Article IDSEB22s-007
Publication Date15-Feb-23
AbstractThe social housing sector is lacking in both quantity and quality of new build and existing homes. The existing design and development of social housing are also in urgent need of review in terms of energy efficiency as the cost of living crisis deepens. The Passivhaus standard provides a potential solution for both new build and existing homes, offering a design strategy that benefits the health and well-being of end-users, reduces fuel poverty, and minimises GHG emissions. However, the challenges and possibilities regarding the Passivhaus standard and social housing are not well understood. This paper reviews previous research and practice of Passivhaus projects in the UK and explores Passivhaus methodology from the perspectives of social housing providers, the design and construction team, and the end-users behaviour and experience. By doing so, it identifies the barriers and opportunities when implementing the Passivhaus methodology in the UK social housing sector.
RemarksPaper presented at KES International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings(KES-SEB-22),14-16 September 2022, Split, Croatia and KES Virtual Conference Centre.
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