Prof. Pete Walker

University of Bath, UK

Rounding the circle - opportunities for bio-based construction products in delivering modern energy efficient buildings


Bio-based materials offer new opportunities for reducing embodied carbon of building products, through the bio-genic carbon captured by plants during their growth. Renewable supply chains reduce reliance on depleting mineral resources. Circular construction solutions, in which products are re-used rather than disposed at the end of their initial use, extend these and other benefits, such as health and well-being, further. However, achieving similar performance levels comparable with existing mineral based solutions can often be challenging for bio-based construction products. Drawing on experience from research and practice over the past 15-20 years this presentation explores the opportunities and challenges for the increased use of sustainable bio-based construction materials and products in delivering a more energy efficient built environment.

Pete Walker


Pete Walker is a Chartered Civil Engineer in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath in the UK. He is Chair of Innovative Construction Materials and has been Director of the Centre for Innovative Construction Materials since 2006. His current research interests include developing the use of circular bio-based construction materials and technologies in modern construction.

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